Cloud ETL for the Modern Enterprise Workshop


We are introducing a new workshop focused on Cloud ETL. ETL, or Extract, Transfer and Load, is nothing new and we’ve been integrating data through ETL techniques for decades now. However, what is new is the growing cloud offerings organizations are using and have access to today.   For the Modern Enterprise, it’s common now [...]

Cloud ETL for the Modern Enterprise Workshop2018-09-26T11:04:31-06:00

Cloud ETL for the Modern Enterprise


  60% of any analytics project lies in data integration. With the introduction of cloud solutions, there is now even more confusion around ingestion, ELT, ETL, curation, wrangling, and any other “term of the day” that is introduced. Gone are the days of heavy ETL solutions. On deck are agile solutions that lend to speed [...]

Cloud ETL for the Modern Enterprise2018-10-08T09:34:35-06:00