Machine Learning

5 Things to Know about Databricks


Databricks is now available in both AWS and Azure so it’s getting a lot of buzz! Let’s discuss 5 things you should know about Databricks before diving in. 1.     Databricks is a managed Spark-based service for working with data in a cluster Databricks is an enhanced version of Spark and is touted by the Databricks [...]

5 Things to Know about Databricks2019-01-30T13:17:42-07:00

Interactive Custom Visualizations in Power BI using Plotly


Did you know that Power BI supports custom, interactive visualizations using the Plotly library in R? This capability is exciting, and many organizations are intrigued! We’ll use this blog post to discuss these interactive custom visualizations from a high level by discussing the benefits and tradeoffs. Anytime you make anything custom, there are always tradeoffs. [...]

Interactive Custom Visualizations in Power BI using Plotly2019-01-29T11:41:56-07:00

Launching a Successful Data Science Project


If there’s one thing to take away from this blog post, it’s that data science does not succeed in a bubble. Like any corporate initiative, launching a data science project requires forethought, planning, and successful execution to succeed. But what does that entail? What steps can I take to ensure that my organization’s data science [...]

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How do data science and business intelligence work together?


  Business intelligence systems are data systems built into an organization’s architecture. When done correctly, business intelligence systems enable data science at every step in the process. Organizations with sophisticated business intelligence systems automatically pull data from multiple sources into a single repository, such as a data lake, a data mart, or a data warehouse. [...]

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Do you have Data for Machine Learning?


The short answer to this is yes! You do have data for machine learning. Using modern machine learning techniques, value can be extracted from data in all forms. Organizational Data Every computer system that you use within your organization is storing data behind the scenes in a database. Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs), Customer Resource [...]

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