Project Description

Executive Summary

Artzy was struggling to manage disparate, expensive solutions to provide the event management functionality necessary to run their service.

Artzy is a Paint and Sip Event Management Service that simplifies the management and organization of events for the Paint & Sip industry.

Working closely with Artzy to understand the unique needs of its platform and business model, Datalere created a custom solution that: reduced their software spend tenfold, the time spent creating and managing events and lowered their monthly technology expenses.

“There are a plethora of solutions that event-based businesses can utilize. However, these systems are separate solutions, don’t function well together and … were missing key functionality that we needed in our vertical…”

– Cara, Lush Art founder


Artzy was using software that major event management organizations typically use to manage things such as ticketing, calendaring, gift certificates and loyalty programs. However, these systems, which are often intended for managing much larger events, were fragmented and cumbersome to use, making it a difficult process to manually pull data from multiple sources.

After researching all available event management solutions, Artzy could not find a platform that was flexible enough to meet the unique needs of its clients, full-featured enough to prevent the need for multiple solutions all while being cost-effective enough to keep their technology expenses low.

How Datalere Helped

Datalere worked directly with Paint & Sip business owners to understand their struggles and pains. Artzy had unique needs that the market solutions could not address as they juggled scheduling classes, keeping track of registrations, developing loyalty programs and maintaining business data.
Datalere worked alongside Artzy throughout the development process to ensure continuous improvement through frequent feedback.

Proven Results

Datalere implemented a platform that would meet Artzy’s needs, while also being flexible enough to grow, as the Paint & Sip industry continues to become more popular.

Artzy now has a single, fully integrated event management solution with consistent user experience and reliable customer support.

This unique platform resulted in:

  • Reduced time: Where it previously took one hour to create a single event, event organizers can now get setup in minutes.

  • Improved visibility: Artzy can look at each event’s performance and decide whether to replace them with high-performing ones.

  • Streamlined process: Automatic display of events on a client’s website for ticket purchases further streamlines the event creation process.

  • Significantly reduces monthly technology costs.

Datalere met Artzy’s specific needs and developed the exact solution they were seeking, all while providing a better customer experience and a more cost-effective product.

“We saved an incredible amount of time with the Artzy solution that we are now able to offer better service to our existing customers…do more marketing to gain more attendance at our events and have more time to ourselves and spend more quality time with our families.”

– Cara, Lush Art founder

TAP into the Power of DATA

Clients like Artzy leverage Datalere’s proven solution methodology toTAP into the power of their Data:

TA team approach through a single point of contact allows us to provide the best skill set and resources with industry specific experience to ensure your project is completed on time, within budget.

Agile methodology provides iterations early and often to keep projects on track and progressing towards the desired outcome.

Productivity of your employees is one of our main focal points and goal of every engagement.

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