Throwing the Book at Siloed Data

Learn how the Denver Public Library improved their operations with data visibility “They have data, but all in their own little silos. They didn’t have the ability to view the entire system.”—Carlos Bossy [...]

Data Analytics Modernizes Child Welfare Services

Executive Summary The State of Oregon Department of Human Services needed an enterprise application to manage a child’s path through the foster care system. This would create new possibilities for measuring and tracking [...]

One Event Management Solution Rules Them All

Executive Summary Artzy was struggling to manage disparate, expensive solutions to provide the event management functionality necessary to run their service. Artzy is a Paint and Sip Event Management Service that simplifies the management and [...]

Augmenting In-House Efforts in ETL Architecture and Development

A state agency needed a data warehouse to meet their needs. They attempted to develop the solution in-house, but quickly exhausted their team’s skill set. A second effort by a state-contracted consulting firm also failed [...]

Expediting Complex Data Warehouse Architecture and Development

We worked closely with the technical staff and business users at an insurance company to add to and improve functionality of the existing data warehouse. Using code-generating logic, we simplified the development and saved weeks [...]

Collaborative Development Design for Administrative Portal Dashboard

A public school district’s developers had been struggling for several months to develop a new administrator’s portal that integrated multiple technologies: SQL Server Reporting Services SharePoint Custom .NET code. Our Software Development Consultant came in [...]

Report Development with a Long-Term View

A human resource department relied heavily on hundreds of reports they had created in their employee source system. However, each time the system was upgraded, all of the reports would break due to changes in [...]

Expert Support During a Platform Change and Data Migration

A platform change can be a nightmare, taking up many hours and risking some data not migrating. A client was changing database platforms from Oracle to SQL Server 2012, but had limited expertise in building [...]

Data Architecture and Reporting Infrastructure Helps Organizations Communicate Automatically

A public school district received many reporting requests from external sources, such as programs of the City of Denver. Though the requests were largely for the same repeated data, they were being manually addressed as [...]

Systems, Development and Mentoring-Takes You from Good to Great

A public school district has a mature data mart environment in place, but is always looking to add new functionality and end user benefits. Our team assisted this client with improving their existing data mart [...]

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