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In the beginning

In 2016 we merged two highly effective consulting companies, Quanta Intelligence and DawaBI. The founders of those two organizations, Carlos Bossy and Marc Beacom had a vision to combine the technical knowledge that the two firms embodied and to apply that knowledge and best practices for data management and reporting into the digital world.

We are proud of our resources and the culture we have instilled. Our organization grows organically month after month based on hard work, and a lot of “big brains”. Our mission is to support our clients and our resources, but at the same time support our community.

We think differently.

Our company lens is on emerging technologies. Our focus is on helping our clients optimize their IT spend and deliver solutions at a pace that is aligned with the accelerated business world we live in. We constantly collaborate with our peers, host meetups and events, and assess new technologies, all in the spirit of learning and sharing the insights gained with our clients. In the end this has proven to be key to the success of all of our projects.

We also acknowledge the impact of change and that the most important part of any project is effective organizational transformation. The right technology is vital, optimized processes are key, but in the end, helping your resources embrace and adopt change ensures a successful project and lends to an innovate culture.

We care about giving back

At Datalere we not only enable our clients, but our community too.

colorado give camp

Colorado GiveCamp
Datalere’s Involvement: Event Coordinators, Volunteers and Financial Supporters

elevating connections

Elevating Connections
Datalere’s Involvement: Advisory Board, Volunteers and Financial Supports

Our customers

Our customers are our partners. We are proud to share with you some of the great companies we have worked with. It takes a team effort to deliver great solutions. We are only as great as the client teams we work with.

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