2016 was a great year, both personally and professionally. Personally, our family is well and the kids are growing into their personalities. Professional, DawaBI merged with Quanta Intelligence to form Datalere.

Our intent with Datalere is to grow and be proactive in earning new customers. In the past, both Carlos and I kept our teams busy by pure referrals that came to us. This is great but will only foster so much growth and are now being proactive and earning new business. We’ve already earned the business of several new clients in the first few months of Datalere and have a full year of growth ahead.

I’ve also decided to get back into the community. I stepped down several years ago from the leadership role of the Denver SQL Server User Group (DenverSQL) to start and raise a family. The last three years I’ve largely been absent from attending events and speaking to help raise our second child.

Now that the kids are bigger, I’m looking forward to getting back into the community. My first effort is to join the board of DenverSQL again. I’ll be serving as the treasurer and for the first four months, I’ll also be serving as interim president while Todd takes a personal quest.

The DenverSQL group is a thriving group of new and seasoned professionals that gather on a monthly basis to discuss and learn more about the ever growing SQL Server platform. My goal with DenverSQL is to grow the group by providing consistency. We want to build out the speaker base and ensure our members are well aware of the upcoming events.

When I first started attending meetings, we were getting an average of 10 attendees a month. Now the group has been averaging over 40 with our last meeting two weeks ago having 76 attendees.

The SQL Server Community is a fantastic blend of people that I’ve been missing for many years. It’ll be great to get back leading a group as well as speaking at several upcoming events.