Denver Dev Day Fall 2018 is a free event organized by volunteers and hosted at the Microsoft campus in the DTC. It’s a full day to learn from industry experts on best practices, the latest industry trends and much more. This will be my 3rd time speaking at the Denver Dev Day event and will presenting a “Database best practices for app devs” as a full-length session and “Dapper ORM what the freak is it” during the lightning sessions.


Database best practices for app devs

At some point, every application has the need to store information and persist that information.

Whether you’re an experienced application developer or seasoned database administrator application databases can be, unexpectedly, tricky even when they shouldn’t. SPA, MVC, and form applications can all benefit from a well architected and tuned database. This presentation will outline database best practices that I have derived from over a decade and a half of application development. These practices improve small to large applications and range from heavy database dependent applications to those that don’t seem to benefit from a database. These best practices translate across any relational database engine and are not restricted to a particular database engine.


Dapper ORM what the freak is it

When I get asked why I chose to use Dapper as an Object-Relational Mapper, ORM, over something like Entity Framework my typical answer is because I’m a control freak. Yes, it’s super-fast and that use to be my answer but over the years of working with it I have found that its simplicity and control over database queries is why Dapper is my go-to mapper for .Net. In this talk, we’ll go through a simple implementation using the repository pattern and I’ll walk through a few tricks and pitfalls that I’ve learned when working with Dapper.


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