We are introducing a new workshop focused on Cloud ETL. ETL, or Extract, Transfer and Load, is nothing new and we’ve been integrating data through ETL techniques for decades now. However, what is new is the growing cloud offerings organizations are using and have access to today.


For the Modern Enterprise, it’s common now to have multiple mission critical SaaS applications such as SalesForce.com, HubSpot, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and many others being used. To extract data from these sources, leverage APIs as the access point. Many traditional ETL tools do not provide the ability to easily connect to APIs out of the box. The options are to build a custom connector or a process that extracts data, or to purchase an add-in that provides the connection.


The newer class of ETL tools that I’m referring to as Cloud ETL tools have native connections to the SaaS sources organizations use today. One such tool we’ve been using and recommending is Matillion. Matillion provides a lot of similarities to the old traditional tools but greatly improved. Matillion has native connections for popular SaaS solutions along with providing a generic API connection to use any other API sources.


In this Cloud ETL workshop we are co-hosting with Matillion and Google and will present some of the key points of transition, strategies for modern data ingestion and integration and much more. For additional details and or register, visit our Cloud ETL event page.