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Cloud Navigation

Cloud Navigation

It is no longer a question of your business technology assets being in the cloud, the true challenge is finding the right platforms while architecting agile solutions that are durable, flexible and extensible. We take an advisory approach to our Cloud Navigation Services, working with your teams to understand the migration path from current state to future state goals.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Imagine a world with zero IT ops, thus more time for innovating.

With any migration program, three goals should be in the forefront;improved efficiencies, reduced operational costs, and enhanced security.. Though our experience with cloud, we have found the following to be the basis for success:

  • Using an Epic based, agile approach for deployment
  • Selection of the right cloud platform based on business and technical requirements
  • The use modern architectures for agility while preserving governance
  • Architectures to support core data sets and applications
  • The use of top cloud provider’s platforms that include; Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS.

enhanced cloud

Enhanced Cloud

Modern Architectures

We are constantly monitoring new cloud capabilities, validating their feasibility, and testing them in our lab thus allowing us to offer these solutions to our clients with confidence.


“Zero ops” just got better! Eliminating the worry and tasks of configuring, managing and scaling servers can now be automated by leading cloud providers with serverless solutions. We can walk you through best practices for serverless architectures including understanding what is the best uses and best practices.


The adoption of container technologies is prevalent and changing the face of cloud architectures. Build it once, run it anywhere is only part of the benefit. Enhanced development pipeline, efficient application testing, and smart scaling, are just a few honorable mentions in the league efficiencies that evolve when implementing this leading technology.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

The use of machine learning is not new to the market place. We have been watching IBM’s Watson produce answers to solutions since 2010 when it was introduced on Jeopardy. Today machine learning is prevalent and if implemented properly provides cost savings through self learning algorithms.

transformation services

Transformation Services

Transformation isn’t just about technology, just as important is creating a culture of innovation. But the human “mind muscle” struggles to keep up. If organizations can bring together the power of technology with a culture that embraces change, they will thrive.

As part of any project, we are aware of the traditional areas for consideration, people, process and technology. The people part has become more than current skills and where does that person fit on the project team. It now includes the “ability to adopt”. Our work has shown that between 25% to 30% of resources that have delivered projects using traditional tools and approaches struggle to embrace the agile world. This alone can delay and even derail a project.

We help our clients work with their teams to flatten the “trough of doubt” that is inevitable when introducing new technology and processes.

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