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This was a great overview to a complicated topic. People can leave this session with a list of topics to dig into and some examples of how to do it.

The quality of the presentations and training material far exceeded my expectations and was well worth a PTO day. It provided an immersive hands-on introductory view of what Machine Learning is and what an ML project lifecycle project looks like. Great job!

Datalere always provide great training content. I have always appreciated their community outreach over the years. Again thanks.

I started the day knowing absolutely nothing about Python and ML. I walked away with the confidence to use ML in my job. This was excellent training. I highly recommend Datalere for the experience and tools that it brings to any ML project.

A great introduction to Machine Learning!

Datalere have built a reputation among data enthusiasts for supporting community learning in Northern Colorado. The machine learning 101 workshop was another fine example of the hard work and commitment they put in. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Thank you Datalere!

Datalere’s workshop was great! I think that the team did a wonderful job of providing content that engaging for a wide audience. The Hands On labs were a great way to expose attendees to packages and code that can be applied for a wide range of use cases.

First off, let me say thank you for all the time and effort put in to yesterday’s workshop. Everything ran smooth and the presenter seemed very knowledgeable in each topic.
The ability to connect to our own Juypter Notebooks was handled perfectly and allowed us to follow along and even try out other things in real time. Perfect setup!
Thanks for hosting the workshop, I look forward to attending more in the future.

Thanks for a terrific workshop–it wetted my appetite to try out some algorithms and get deeper into the subject