PASS Summit 2018 is the 20th event and is the largest SQL Server Data Conference in the world and I’m privileged to have been selected as a speaker. This year will mark my 9th year speaking at the PASS Summit where I’ll deliver the following two presentations.


Data Science Tips and Tricks using Python and SQL

The practice of Data Science has arrived and as data professionals we’re on the forefront of this change. The data we collect can now be used in new and exciting ways, providing more value than ever before. To get started in this field, a number of tools and methodologies must be employed to help you achieve predictive analytics success with your data. In this session, we will start by providing an introduction to Python, quickly becoming the defacto programming language for data scientists who want to create enterprise-ready solutions.  Carlos will then cover predictive analytics using T-SQL and Python, providing a practical understanding of what it takes to develop your own predictive models making the most of the expertise you already have. The session includes an overview of definitions, concepts and terminology, successful applications of predictive analytics, and how predictive analytics fits into an analytics environment.

Operationalize Data Science for Advanced Decision Support

Modern-day computing power makes it possible to create sophisticated predictive models that classify data, perform anomaly detection, and predict behaviors and tendencies. Using data engineering principles to create a data science framework, you’ll see how to develop predictive models through the entire life cycle and incorporate them into your applications in a way that impacts the decision-making ability of everyone in your organization. We’ll review a case study showing how an actual model was developed to manage cost. Through this study, you’ll learn how to choose a meaningful project with a high likelihood for success, including setting a prediction target and how to use data appropriately and adapt it to the model for maximum results. Best practices will be presented for developing, monitoring, and maintaining predictive models. Integrating predictive models into your architecture will allow you to take a step toward making predictive analytics pervasive in your organization.

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