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Networking, and other things to do while at PASS Summit


If you are headed to Seattle for the PASS Summit, not only are you in for a week of intense learning in data platform technology, but you may be looking at a week of networking. The days go by fast, and while you try to schedule what sessions to attend and flip a coin on [...]

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I’m Speaking at SQL Saturday Denver 673


I’m incredibly excited to be a part of SQL Saturday Denver 673 both as a speaker and co-organizer. I will be co-presenting Two Guys and a Transformation: ETL Best Practices and Techniques with Gabe Villa where we’ll be sharing many of our lessons learned from decades of developing ETL solutions. We’ll cover core areas of [...]

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Data Science Comes to DTC


Data Science in DTC Tomorrow - Tuesday June 13, 2017 to be precise – is the initial meeting of a new meetup in the Denver Tech Center – it’s called Data Science in DTC.  My business partner Marc Beacom and I have been involved as leaders, organizers and participants in numerous community technology groups through [...]

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A New Year, A New Company and A New DenverSQL Chapter


2016 was a great year, both personally and professionally. Personally, our family is well and the kids are growing into their personalities. Professional, DawaBI merged with Quanta Intelligence to form Datalere. Our intent with Datalere is to grow and be proactive in earning new customers. In the past, both Carlos and I kept our teams [...]

A New Year, A New Company and A New DenverSQL Chapter2017-12-17T21:43:36+00:00