About Carlos Bossy

Carlos Bossy is one of Datalere's two managing partners. Carlos delivers knowledge and skills from 25+ years of technology experience. Throughout Carlos’ career, on each and every project, he has demonstrated professionalism and skilled tactics within this complex systems industry that have yielded a very high degree of successful implementations.

Launching a Successful Data Science Project


If there’s one thing to take away from this blog post, it’s that data science does not succeed in a bubble. Like any corporate initiative, launching a data science project requires forethought, planning, and successful execution to succeed. But what does that entail? What steps can I take to ensure that my organization’s data science [...]

Launching a Successful Data Science Project2019-01-29T13:19:44-06:00

Making the Case for Google Cloud: What do you need to know?


When considering each of the three major cloud providers, Datalere is often asked, “Why would I switch to Google Cloud? What benefits does the Google Cloud platform provide that are different from what’s offered by AWS or Microsoft Azure? The truth is that while Microsoft has been a proven enterprise solution for many years and [...]

Making the Case for Google Cloud: What do you need to know?2019-01-29T13:36:38-06:00

What is a Data Lake and why do I need one?


Have you ever heard someone say, “I need access to all of our data for my analysis including historical data from at least 10 years ago”? The reality is that this statement is becoming increasingly common across organizations. Organizations are starting to face new data challenges as companies who are using their data effectively are [...]

What is a Data Lake and why do I need one?2019-01-29T13:48:15-06:00

I’m Speaking – PASS Summit 2018


PASS Summit 2018 is the 20th event and is the largest SQL Server Data Conference in the world and I’m privileged to have been selected as a speaker. This year will mark my 9th year speaking at the PASS Summit where I’ll deliver the following two presentations.   Data Science Tips and Tricks using Python [...]

I’m Speaking – PASS Summit 20182018-10-12T10:28:43-06:00

Data Science Comes to DTC


Data Science in DTC Tomorrow - Tuesday June 13, 2017 to be precise – is the initial meeting of a new meetup in the Denver Tech Center – it’s called Data Science in DTC.  My business partner Marc Beacom and I have been involved as leaders, organizers and participants in numerous community technology groups through [...]

Data Science Comes to DTC2017-12-17T19:18:50-06:00